Q1: What are shore power transformers?
A1: Shore power transformers are devices used to transfer electrical energy from shore to a ship.

Q2: Why are shore power transformers used?
A2: Shore power transformers are used to supply electrical power to ships while in port, reducing the need for on-board generators to operate.

Q3: How do shore power transformers work?
A3: Shore power transformers receive high voltage electricity from shore and convert it to low voltage electricity that can be safely used by the vessel. This is done through transformation and control circuits.

Q4: What are the benefits of shore power transformers?
A4: The benefits of shore power transformers include reductions in air and noise pollution by eliminating the need to run generators constantly, cost savings on fuel and maintenance, and the ability to use cleaner energy sources.

Q5: Who uses shore power transformers?
A5: Various types of ships such as cruise ships, cargo ships, yachts and ferries use shore power transformers to meet their onboard electricity needs when berthed in ports.